• Client: Indura
  • Date: Friday, 22 October 2010
  • Info: Gas and Welding Vertical
  • URL:

Gas and Welding Supplies Manufacturer, subsidiary of Air products & Chemicals.

The Mig Wire market was tightly controlled by 2 American Corporations and world giants that often exercised protectionism and anti-trust policies to block competitors. We developed  a complete strategic analyze to identify market opportunities and designed a sustainable business development plan.

Our team managed the startup of their operations in the United States and built a logistics and distribution network. Using guerrilla tactics and targeting specific niches in a distribution driven strategy, we were able to secure -within a year- more than 13 distributrors in 8 states, getting revenues for $3.5M and allowing the company to establish self-managed long-term operations.

In 2010, the client called us back. The executive in charge of the U.S. market, returned to Chile after completing his MBA and attempted to keep managing the operation from abroad. The results were disastrous and INDURA lost its market share and had only one active client still buying from them. We retook control of the operation and were able to capture 52 distributors in 10 states, serving the market from 5 logistics centers.