“Hernan: I am writing you to express my appreciation to NYCO, your team and especially to you, as head of the company, for the valuable and unique work you have performed for INDURA all these years. The transparency and professionalism devoted to our efforts speaks of a world-class top-notch team. ”

  • Patricio Tellez
  • Director of International Operations, INDURA.

Hernan is very professional in handling his relationships with everyone. He comes with a lot of finesse on the subjects he knows”

  • Bijou Anwer
  • CEO, Montage/BSM

“I have had the privilege of working under Hernan. He was the most insightful and helpful colleague one has ever worked with. His experience and knowledge is vast, and anyone who works with Hernan would truly benefit from his professionalism and superior work ethic.

  • Daniel Bassignana
  • Associate Manager, Everest Reinsurance.
“NYCO’s unique support model was the perfect answer to our needs. The professionalism and devotion of its team together with an exceptional background and experience expedited our launching and is responsible for its success”
  • Juan Ignacio Labbe
  • Marketing Vice President, Tresmontes Lucchetti.