NYCO Partners

violy & company

A strategic financial advisory firm with unique expertise in Iberian-American markets focused on creating and implementing value-enhancing solutions for family-owned
groups and multinational companies.


Professional branding and industrial design services. the company also provides a wide arrange of web development, graphic design and printing services.

Multicultural Insights

Market research company whose focus is specialized market research for multicultural and niche markets: Hispanic, African-American and other segments.


BLH is a leading and recognized ethnic marketing group specialized in targeting communications oriented to minorities in the United States (Hispanics, Asian and African-

National Strategies Inc

With offices in Washington DC, New York & Milan, is the major specialized firm to support customers looking to target the federal, state and local government contracts market.

Jackson | Lewis

One of the most recognized labor and corporate law firms in the U.S., 403 professionals, offices in 28 business centers nationwide, with broad experience in corporate affairs and global labor litigation.


Professional services company that helps consumer goods manufacturers and retailers reach their performance objectives. headquarter selling, retail merchandising and
store level marketing.


Leaders in distribution and logistics with over 40 years of experience, 2,500 employees and 31 distribution centers nationwide. the company excels in customer service
satisfaction. Winner of the Ken Sharma award.