Specialized Professional Services

Information Services:  

  1. Market Reports: monthly, weekly or daily reports on the economics, statistics and trends of a specific market sector. The reports include a forecast made by one of our specialists. These reports are produced mostly for permanent customers. Price: against retainers or case by case.
  2. Market Researches: complete analyze of the market for a specific line of products: demographics, political and economical environment, psychographics, behavioral trends, regulations, market size & growth rates, competitors, pricing, value chain, customers, potential allies, strategic analyzes (SWOT-BCG-BEV-etc.), recommended strategies. Price: customized. A small market research is included with the retainer fees for factory rep clients.
  3. Market Feasibility Analysis: basically, is a market research plus complete analyzes of our customer’s business project and competitive position. The idea is to provide a professional overview about the possibilities to compete successfully in the US market. Price: customized.
  4. Business Intelligence: special information services as competitors intelligence: logistics networks, pricing and/or credit strategies, clients’ databases, R&D projects, financial position. Scalable information tools, CRM, data mining, etc. Price: customized
  5. Importation Statistics, Duties and Tariffs, Wholesale Market Prices, and Commo