Specialized Professional Services

Information Services:  

  1. Market Reports: monthly, weekly or daily reports on the economics, statistics and trends of a specific market sector. The reports include a forecast made by one of our specialists. These reports are produced mostly for permanent customers. Price: against retainers or case by case.
  2. Market Researches: complete analyze of the market for a specific line of products: demographics, political and economical environment, psychographics, behavioral trends, regulations, market size & growth rates, competitors, pricing, value chain, customers, potential allies, strategic analyzes (SWOT-BCG-BEV-etc.), recommended strategies. Price: customized. A small market research is included with the retainer fees for factory rep clients.
  3. Market Feasibility Analysis: basically, is a market research plus complete analyzes of our customer’s business project and competitive position. The idea is to provide a professional overview about the possibilities to compete successfully in the US market. Price: customized.
  4. Business Intelligence: special information services as competitors intelligence: logistics networks, pricing and/or credit strategies, clients’ databases, R&D projects, financial position. Scalable information tools, CRM, data mining, etc. Price: customized
  5. Importation Statistics, Duties and Tariffs, Wholesale Market Prices, and Commodities Markets: information provided weekly or daily for permanent customer of our New York Office services at request. Price: included with retainers, or customized –non regular customers-
  6. Quick Surveys, Focus Group, Interviews: and a battery of research tools. Price: customized.
  7. Legal Research & Analyzes, Due Diligence: provided through our partnership with the legal firm Jackson + Lewis LLC. Price: against retainers (permanent customers) or customized.
  8. Logistic Research & Analyzes: provided through our partnership with DSC Logistics Inc.

Business Facilitation Services:

  1. Trade Mission Planning: special trade missions for group of companies interested in the US Market or American companies interested in the Latin America’s market. The service includes all aspects related with the mission from travel, lodging and transportation logistics to business appointments with private and public organisms, agencies and/or corporations. Price: according with fixed rates.
  2.  Business Agenda: for individual executives looking for customized business trips to the US. The service is especially adequate to the client’s needs. Price: according with fixed rates.
  3. Contact Databases: we contact potential partners, investors, financing companies, competitors, allies, suppliers, importers, distributors or customers at specific request from our customers and we provide complete and detailed contact information of those presenting interest. Price: customized according with requirements.
  4. Special Orders: including, presentation and follow up of commercial bids, representation before public and private agencies and organisms, registration to trade shows, fairs and events; commercial attaché services, travel assistance services: lodging, transportation, interpreters, administrative support, etc. Price: customized.
  5.  Staffing Services: through a partnership with the casting agencies of Stanley Kaplan and Desiree Agudo, we provide temporary staffing services including: promotional and corporate models, tourism guides, corporate escorts, bodyguards, interpreters, entertainers, actors, professionals. Price: fixed prices per hour
  6. US Based Office: An address, telephone number and permanent presence in the United States. Price: retainer fees.
  7.  Problem Solvers: acting with a rapid response team against any incident within your business process in the United States, answering customers’ complaints, visiting accident sites, solving logistic problems, etc. Price: customized.
  8. Trademarks and Intellectual Property: presentation of trademarks and patents registrations before the US Patents and Trademarks Agency. Price: Fixed rates per class and brand or patent.
  9. Promotional Services: participating and representing our customers in specialized shows, fairs and events. Design and installation of exhibition booths, reception and display of samples. Price: fixed rates per hour.

Commercial and Consulting Services:

  1. Business Liaison: search, prospecting, evaluation and negotiation with potential financers, investors, partners, suppliers, importers, distributors or customers, etc. Price: customized.
  2. Marketing Engineering: pricing, branding, CRM, value chains, customer service, sales, logistic, positioning and communication strategies, merchandising, etc. Price: customized.
  3. Business Development: business planning & strategies, business processes, logistics, recruitment, outsourcing, benchmarking, technological transference, e-Business & e-Commerce, etc. Price: customized.
  4. Representation Services: outsourcing of your commercial operations in the United States. We act as factory reps for our customers, in those areas where we have expertise, managing all their business abroad: importers, distributors, associations and organizations, certifications, trade fairs, taxes, logistics, sales, account receivable, customer service, etc. Price: a structure based on fees and commissions.
  5. Specialized Consulting Services: including, immigration, taxation, financing, investments, legal, and incorporation among others. Some of these services are provided through a partnership network.

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